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Thursday, May 9th, 2013
7:00 p.m. – Black & Gold Room

I. Call to Order
VP Hendee calls to order at 7:01

II. Roll Call
Admin. Asst. Morgan calls roll

III. Guest Speakers

a. George Jackson!

IV. Executive Reports

a. President (Kyle Calvin)
• End of year report, safe ride meeting, Thanks to Tisa Mason!

b. Vice President (Alex Hendee)
• End of year report

c. Treasurer (Jess Tormey)
• End of year report

d. Administrative Assistant (Molly Morgan)

e. Legislative Affairs Director (Chris Roberts)
• End of year report

V. Committee Reports

a. Appropriations (Sen. Mills)
• Bill 13/S/125-2nd reading, 13/S/128-1st reading

b. Senate Affairs (Sen. Wary)
c. Student Affairs (Sen. King)
d. Legislative & Political Action (Sen. Goetz)

VI. Open Forum

a. Presidential/ Vice Presidential Oath of Office
b. Student Court

VII. New Business

a. Bill 13/S/128 Appropriations, Tigers for Life
• 1st reading
• Sen. Mills moves for emergency business, 2nd by Sen. Helfrich
• Passes, 24y
• Sen. Helfrich moves to pass by unanimous consent, 2nd by Sen. Tevault
• Bill passes, 24y

VIII. Old Business

a. Bill 13/S/125 Appropriations, Intramurals
• Motion to consider by Sen. Goetz, 2nd by Sen. Ebersole
• Sen. Goetz moves to amend bill to read “15 hours” not “20 hours” under Article 202, 2nd by Sen. Tevault
• Sen. Lindsey moves to pass amendment
• 23y 1n 0a
• Sen. Lindsey moves to direct vote
• Bill passes 23y 1n 0a

b. Bill 13/S/126 Senate Affairs, By-Laws
• Motion to consider by Sen. Tevault, 2nd by Sen. Steinle
• Sen. Mills moves to pass by unanimous consent, 2nd by Sen. Rusk
• 1 objection
• Sen. Mills moves to pass by unanimous consent, 2nd by Sen. Tevault
• Bill passes, 24y

c. Joint Resolution 13/S/100, Media Task Force
• Motion to consider by Sen. Rusk, 2nd by Sen. Fitzsimmons
• Sen. Ebersole moves for direct vote
• Joint Resolution passes, 24y

IX. Announcements

• Office will be open next week
• Vote for Sen. Fitzsimmons to sing at National Rodeo
• Thank you from Sen. Hyder
• Thank you from Sen. Kind
• Cake in ballroom after meeting
• Thank you to all those who are graduating and/or leaving SGA for their service

X. Adjourn @ 7:35

Sen. Rusk motions to adjourn 2nd by Sen. Gress 24y