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Thursday, April 18th, 2013
7:00 p.m. – Black & Gold Room

I. Call to Order

LAD Roberts calls to order at 7:00

II. Roll Call

Admin. Asst. Morgan calls roll

III. Guest Speakers

a. Leadership 310-Foundation Lunch
b. KFHS-24 hour show on April 19th at 5:00pm

IV. Executive Reports

a. President (Kyle Calvin)
• EOF 2nd reading, elections regulations, lunch with Governor Brownback, award for Higher Ed Day (Program of the Year)
b. Administrative Assistant (Molly Morgan)
c. Legislative Affairs Director (Chris Roberts)
• Resolution 13/S/104-Legislative update, budget

V. Committee Reports
a. Appropriations (Sen. Mills)

b. Senate Affairs (Sen. Wary)
• Orientation Ideas

c. Student Affairs (Sen. King)
• Meeting with LPAC

d. Legislative & Political Action (Sen. Goetz)

VI. Open Forum

a. Election for Outstanding Service Award-Winner: Vice President Hendee

VII. New Business

a. Resolution 13/S/103-FHSU Shooting Sports

• 1st reading
• Sen. Clark moves for emergency business, 2nd by Sen. Tevault
• Sen. Tevault moves for direct vote on motion, 29y
• Sen. Clark moves to pass resolution by unanimous consent
• Resolution passes by unanimous consent, 29y

b. Resolution 13/S/103-Legislative Funding Cuts

• 1st reading
• Sen. Clark moves for emergency business, 2nd by Sen. Tevault
• Motion passes 28y 1n
• Sen. Tevault moves to pass motion by unanimous consent
• Sen. Clark moves to amend resolution to read “due to considerable cuts”, 2nd by Sen. Tevault
• Amendment passes 29y
• Sen. Clark moves to pass by unanimous consent
• 1 objection
• Sen. Lindsey moves amend resolution to read “median”, 2nd by Sen. Tevault
• 1 objection
• Amendment passes 29y
• Sen. Rusk moves to direct vote
• Resolution passes, 29y

VIII. Old Business

a. Bill 13/S/125, EOF

• Motion to consider by Sen. Clark, 2nd by Sen. Rusk
• Clark moves to previous question, 2nd by Sen. Tevault
• Previous question passes, 29y
• Chair moves for roll call vote to pass bill

o Sen. Anderson-Pass
o Sen. Aker-Pass
o Sen. Ceron-Pass
o Sen. Clark-Pass
o Sen. Davis-Pass
o Sen. Ebersole-Pass
o Sen. Giles-Pass
o Sen. Goetz-Pass
o Sen. Gress-Pass
o Sen. Heimerman-Pass
o Sen. Helfrich-Pass
o Sen. Hyder-Pass
o Sen. King-Pass
o Sen. Lawrence-Pass
o Sen. Lewis-Pass
o Sen. Lindsey-Pass
o Sen. Mann-Pass
o Sen. Nuckolls-Pass
o Sen. Powers-Pass
o Sen. Rusk-Pass
o Sen. Schillington-Pass
o Sen. Steinle-Pass
o Sen. Tendick-Pass
o Sen. Tevault-Pass
o Sen. Verhagen-Pass
o Sen. A. Wary-Pass
o Sen. R. Wary-Pass
o Sen. Weiss-Pass
o Sen. Whitmore-Pass

• Bill passes, 29y

IX. Announcements

• Political Engagement Day office hour
• Executive staff application available Monday
• Big Man on Campus
• May 4th-Sternberg Flintstone Party
• Good luck to Sen. Rachel Wary at her marathon!
• Men of Merit
• Happy Birthday Sen. Ruth Ebersole!!

X. Adjourn @ 7:35

Sen. Rusk motions to adjourn 2nd by Sen. Ebersole, 29y