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Thursday, January 31, 2013

7:00 p.m. – Black & Gold Room


Call to Order

VP Hendee calls to order at 7:05

Roll Call

Admin. Asst. Morgan calls roll

Guest Speakers

  • a)    Ben Jones, Equal Justice-Against Death Penalty, help victims families

Executive Reports

President (Kyle Calvin)

Vice President (Alex Hendee)

  • Allocations Hearing, Envelopes-Office Hour

Treasurer (Jessica Tormey)

  • Treasurer report, SRP Events

Administrative Assistant (Molly Morgan)

Legislative Affairs Director (Chris Roberts)

  • Higher Ed Day prep session, Survey-Residential Life Internet

Committee Reports

a)    Appropriations (Sen. Mills)

  • 3 requests, 1st reading Bill 13/S/101, 1st reading Bill 13/S/102

b)   Senate Affairs (Sen. Wary)

  • Upcoming Staff Reviews

c)    Student Affairs (Sen. King)

  • Senator Organization

d)    Legislative & Political Action (Sen. Goetz)

  • 1st reading Resolution 13/S/100

e) Allocations (Sen. Goetz)

  • Allocations Hearings

Open Forum

a).Instructional Meeting-Computers

b) Possibly move March 7th, Allocations meeting, to a new location

  • Student Affairs will look into options

c) Fort Hays UPD

  • Electronic Ticketing
  • FHSU safest campus

New Business

a. Bill 13/S/101, Collegiate Farm Bureau

  • First Reading

b. Bill 13/S/102, Sociology Club

  • First Reading

c. Resolution 13/S/100 Concealed Carry

  • First Reading

Old Business


  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)
  • T-shirts In
  • Blackboard & E-mail down Feb. 3rd
  • VIP ambassadors application
  • Orientation Assistant application
  • MAD Talent Show
  • Allocations Committee-No office hours during the process

Adjourn @ 7:50

  • Sen. Tevault motions to adjourn 2nd by Sen. Wary