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Thursday, February 28th, 2013
7:00 p.m. – Black & Gold Room

I. Call to Order
VP Hendee calls to order at 7:04

II. Roll Call
Admin. Asst. Morgan calls roll

III. Guest Speakers

IV. Executive Reports

Vice President (Alex Hendee)
• Finished Allocations hearings, Leg. Affairs Director Chris Roberts will be running Allocations meeting due to VP absence

Treasurer (Jessica Tormey)
• Treasurer report

Administrative Assistant (Molly Morgan)

Legislative Affairs Director (Chris Roberts)
• Higher Ed Day Report

V. Committee Reports

Appropriations (Sen. Mills)
• 2nd reading, Bill 13/S/106

Senate Affairs (Sen. Wary)
• Staff Reviews

Student Affairs (Sen. King)
• Senators Organization Representation action plan

Legislative & Political Action (Sen. Goetz)
• Tiger Wellness Center fee, Memorial Union fee

Allocations (Sen. Goetz)
• Finished up hearings, 1st reading Allocations bill

VI. Open Forum

Tigers in Service
1. Cut to winter break trip
2. Requesting additional $500 for travel and $500 for lodging

Sigma Alpha Epsilon
1. They do not discriminate against women-Title IX

Delta Tau Omega
1. Received a cut to airfare requested $7500, docked a couple $100
2. Membership to organization

Circle K International
1. Reconsider budgeted amount for Int. Dues/Fees
2. Fee is reduced from $600 to $450

1. Cultural Community funding reduced to $250, requesting $250 more
2. Reconsider funding for entertainer
3. Tilford Diversity Grant

1. Requesting funding for Model UN project-amount $1,114
2. Not outside scope of ADP

Chinese Academy
1. Forgot to hand in final allocations requests
2. Requesting chance to request allocations, total $2548.64

Shooting Sports Club
1. Dr. Shepherd does not receive funding for fuel

Block & Bridle
1. Requested $1500, only recommended $600

Tiger Claws
1. Want funding for simulator
2. Requesting money for Safe Spring Break

1. Requesting to receive full funding for Visiting Artists

1. Refer to packet
2. Cut $19,898.26
3. Funding cuts
4. Want fully funded
5. Will be spending carryover on activities

Senator Clark motions for a ten minute recess
• 2nd by Senator Tevault
• Passed 30y,0n,2a

Student Affairs Outreach Plan

Elections Information

VII. New Business

13/S/107, Waiver Groups
• First Reading

13/S/108, Allocations
• First Reading

VIII. Old Business

Bill 13/S/106, Appropriations, FHANS, money for national conference
• Senator Mills motions to consider
• 2nd by Senator Clark
• Senator Mills calls for a representative to speak about group
• Senator Clark motions for direct vote
• Bill passes 29y, 1n, 0a

IX. Announcements

• Elections Committee will meet Friday at 2:30
• Elections/ Intent to Run
• Business Professional next week
• Senators abstain from voting on amendments to groups you are involved in
• Survey for FHSU media task force
• Global Issues Summit, April 1st
• T-shirts
• Look over allocations binder
• Blood drive March 6th & 7th
• VP Hendee racing next Friday at nationals
• Jana Mackey Day of Service, March 10th

X. Adjourn @ 8:15
Sen. Lindsey motions to adjourn 2nd by Sen. Ceron, 30y