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Thursday, November 8th, 2012
7:00 p.m. – Black & Gold Room

Call to Order
VP Hendee calls to order @ 7:08
Roll Call
Admin. Asst. Wessel calls roll

Guest Speakers

Executive Reports

President (Kyle Calvin)

  • Regents report
  • Veterans Ceremony
  • Chartwells
  • CGIU

Vice President (Alex Hendee)

  • Office Hours

Treasurer (Carolyn Campbell)

  • Allocations meeting
  • Community task force

Administrative Assistant (Nikki Wessel)

Legislative Affairs Director (Chris Roberts)

  • Map contest
  • Election-college costs
  • Higher Ed cuts

Committee Reports

Appropriations (Sen. Tormey)

  • 1 request

Senate Affairs (Sen. Wary)

  • 2 interviews
  • T-shirts

Student Affairs (Sen. King)

  • Chartwells
  • Organization allocation issues

Legislative & Political Action (Sen. Goetz)

  • Survey
  • Higher Ed Day
  • 1 2nd reading

Allocations (Sen. Tormey)

  • Request forms available Monday

Open Forum

  • Chartwells
  • Allocations-office hours
  • Traffic

New Business

Old Business

Resolution 12/F/104, LPAC, Virtual College Advisory Committee

  • Sen. Clark 2nd by Sen. Lindsey motion to consider
  • Sen. Clark motions for direct vote
  • Resolution passes


  • Office hour
  • ACFE, ADP, & SGA- stamp out production
  • Jazz band concert
  • Delta Zeta 5k run
  • Batman after dark
  • Veterans Ceremony

Adjourn @ 7:37
Sen. Tormey motions to adjourn 2nd by Sen. Mills