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Thursday, February 7, 2013

7:00 p.m. – Black & Gold Room


Call to Order

VP Hendee calls to order at 7:08

Roll Call

Admin. Asst. Morgan calls roll

Guest Speakers


a)    Chief Howell, UPD-UPd does not support conceal and carry on campus

Executive Reports

President (Kyle Calvin)

  • Task Force-University Leader, ASGA Conference, Higher Ed Day

Vice President (Alex Hendee)

  • Allocations hearings, meetings with director of union, Elections

Treasurer (Jessica Tormey)

  • Higher Ed Day and ASGA financial planning

Administrative Assistant (Molly Morgan)

Legislative Affairs Director (Chris Roberts)

  • Higher Ed Day Info Packets,  Big Even Donations

Committee Reports

a)    Appropriations (Sen. Mills)

  • 3 requests-Bill 13/S/103, Bill 13/S/104, Bill 13/S/105-1st Readings, 2nd Readings on Bill 13/S/101 and Bill 13/S/102

b)    Senate Affairs (Sen. Wary)

  • Staff Interviews, new senators

c)    Student Affairs (Sen. King)

  • Location for Allocations meeting, Partnering senators with organizations

d)    Legislative & Political Action (Sen. Goetz)

  • 2nd reading Resolution 13/S/100

e)  Allocations (Sen. Goetz)

  • Allocations Hearings, 10 requests at hearing, 1st reading Feb. 28th and 2nd reading on March 7th

Open Forum

a).Oath of Office

  • Morgan Lawrence, Jared Schillington, Matthew Whitmore

b) SPURS Food Drive Thursday the 14th at the library from 9-3pm

c) Inform guests about SGA

d) Feedback about representation on campus, senators assigned an organization for next semester

New Business

a. Bill 13/S/103, Technology Education Collegiate Association

  • First Reading

b. Bill 13/S/104, Delta Tau Alpha

  • First Reading

c. Bill 13/S/105, Athletic Training Club

  • First Reading

Old Business

a)    Bill 13/S/101, Collegiate Farm Bureau-Money used for farmers and ranchers convention

  • Senator Clark motions to consider
  • 2nd by Senator Davis
  • Senator Davis motions for direct vote
  • One objection
  • Senator Clark motions to pass by unanimous consent
  • 2nd by Senator Tevault
  • Bill passes, 31y

b)    Bill/S/102, Sociology Club-Trip for Midwest Sociological Meeting, Ideas for research

  • Senator Clark motions to consider
  • 2nd by Senator Steinle
  • Senator Clark motions to pass by unanimous consent
  • 2nd by Senator Tevault
  • Bill passes, 31y

c)    Resolution 13/S/100 Concealed Carry

  • Senator Clark motions to consider
  • 2nd by Senator Lindsey
  • Senator Tevault motions to suspend discussion and rules for President Kyle Calvin
  • Vote 32y, 1n
  • Senator Heimerman motions to suspend discussion and rules for Legislative Affairs Director Chris Roberts
  • Vote 32y, 1n
  • Open Discussion
  • 5 minute recess-Return at 8:06
  • Resume with discussion
  • Senator Goetz motions for previous question
  • 2nd by Senator Davis
  • Vote to move to previous question 22y, 9n
  • Resolution passes 22y, 9n
  1. Senator Baalman-Pass
  2. Senator Rusk-Pass
  3. Senator Steinle-Pass
  4. Senator Powers-Fail
  5. Senator A. Wary-Pass
  6. Senator Anderson-Pass
  7. Senator Fitzsimmons-Pass
  8. Senator Tendick-Fail
  9. Senator Davis-Pass
  10. Senator Hill-Pass
  11. Senator Hyder-Pass
  12. Senator Lindsey-Pass
  13. Senator Heimerman-Pass
  14. Senator Weiss-Fail
  15. Senator Mills-Fail
  16. Senator Ceron-Fail
  17. Senator Schillington-Fail
  18. Senator Helfich-Pass
  19. Senator Whitmore-Pass
  20. Senator Lawrence-Pass
  21. Senator Mann-Pass
  22. Senator Aker-Fail
  23. Senator R.Wary-Pass
  24. Senator Reed Tevault-Pass
  25. Senator Ebersole-Pass
  26. Senator Gress-Fail
  27. Senator Lewis-Pass
  28. Senator Giles-Pass
  29. Senator Goetz-Pass
  30. Senator Clark-Fail
  31. Senator King-Pass


  • Elections Committee will meet 2/21
  • Welcome Colby SGA!
  • Thanks to guest speakers and audience
  • MAD Talent Show-Saturday @ 7:00pm
  • Kyle Calvin’s apology


Adjourn @ 8:50

  • Sen. Lindsey motions to adjourn 2nd by Sen. Lewis