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The Transfer Agreement and Articulation Guide has been developed to facilitate the transition of students with an associate degree from accredited colleges and universities to Fort Hays State University.

Students still may be required to take freshman or sophomore courses to meet degree or graduation requirements. Transfer students who have not completed an associate degree may transfer Fort Hays State University hours back to the community college based on the community college’s approval in order to complete the associate degree.

Students with associate degrees who have not met the transfer articulation distribution requirement may complete the Transfer Articulation Agreement at FHSU or fulfill the FHSU General Education program.


  1.  Students must graduate from an accredited college or university with an associate degree based on a baccalaureate-oriented sequence (see FHSU University Catalog).
  2. Students must meet the following requirements:

A minimum of 45 credit hours of general education with distribution in the following fields:

  • Twelve (12) hours of Basic Skills courses, including:
    • 6 hours of English Composition
    • 3 hours of Speech Communication
    • 3 hours of college level mathematics
  • Twelve (12) hours of Humanities courses (performance/studio courses are excluded) from at least three of the following disciplines:
    • Art
    • Theater
    • Philosophy
    • Music
    • History
    • Literature
  • Twelve (12) hours of Social and Behavioral Science courses from at least three of the following disciplines:
    • Sociology
    • Psychology
    • Political Science
    • Economics
    • Geography
    • Anthropology
  • Nine (9) hours of Natural and Physical Science courses from at least two disciplines (lecture with lab).

Points of Clarification

  1. All students completing a teacher education program at the university shall satisfy the FHSU general education requirements or the transfer and articulation agreement.
  2. Credit for equivalent technical courses may be granted by departmental examination at the receiving institution.
  3. In addition, all transfer students must fulfill a three-hour upper division integrative course which fulfills a university requirement:
  • IDS 300 Economic Ideas and Current Issues
  • IDS 325 Ideal Societies in Fiction
  • IDS 326 Literature and the Environment
  • IDS 390 Technology in Society
  • IDS 400 Bioethics
  • IDS 401 Ethical Issues in the Professions & Business
  • IDS 402 U.S. Human Geography: Issues for the 21st Century
  • IDS 405 Heritage: Society, Science and Culture since 1700
  • IDS 411 Aims of Education
  • IDS 440 Conceptions of the Mind
  • IDS 499 Global Environmental Issues
  • IDS 468 Political Communication

FHSU adheres to and honors the terms of the Kansas Board of Regents’ Transfer and Articulation Agreement with Kansas community colleges.

The Virtual College has Transfer and Articulation Agreements with many two- and four-year institutions throughout the country.

The Office of Strategic Partnerships has formed partnerships for Fort Hays State University with a number of international and domestic institutions and agencies.

Effective Fall 2001
Updated April 2010