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Find a Good Landlord

Students have a lot to concentrate on when going to college. Finding a good landlord can make or break your entire living experience. Landlords should be responsive to maintenance calls, treat tenants with respect, easy to contact, and comply with the terms of the lease. Ask for references and check out Facebook  for “rate your landlord” sites that state previous tenants experiences. Don’t be afraid to ask community leaders about the reputation of the landlord.

Code Services for Healthy Living

The City of Hays has many laws which mandate the condition of dwellings. These laws, further referred to as codes, must be followed for the house to be legally rented. Codes are designed to protect the healthand safety of tenants. Possible code violations include:

-Wiring or insulation showing on the walls

-Mold in any shape or form in the dwelling unit

-Lack of smoke detectors

-Lack of hot and cold running water

Inventory of Condition

The State of Kansas mandates that tenants and landlords are to inspect the condition of the dwelling together. This is designed to protect both parties by documenting all pre-existing damages. The landlord is to keep this document to judge the amount, if any, of the damages incurred during tenancy.

-Be  Very detailed when documenting pre-existing damages. Take photographs or video to help document damages which may be difficult to describe. A picture is worth a thousand words!

-If the landlord does not wish to complete a walk through, do it yourself and send mail a copy to the landlord.


Complete a Roommate Agreement to record exact expectations and duties discussed and agreed upon.

-How will we divide household duties?

-How will we divide utilities?

-How do you feel about subleasing?

-Who will be in charge of collecting and paying for rent and utilities?

-How do you feel about people over at the house?

-How do you feel about me using your belongings?

The costs

Price range: An unfurnished studio apartment rents for about $250-500, while a two bedroom apartment/houses rents range $450-700.
Utilities: The renter is usually responsible for gas/electricity and the owner for water and trash. A minimum utility deposit for new customers is two times the average monthly bill for that property.
Deposits: The amount is usually dependent on whether the apartment or house is unfurnished, furnished or whether pets are allowed.
Essentials: Don’t forget about other necessities such as kitchen and dining supplies and sheets and towels.

Need help?

Whether you’re looking for a place to live or are concerned about issues such as interpreting leases or getting along with your roommate, the Student Government Association and City of Hays can help with interpreting leases, mediating landlord/tenant disputes, understanding the Kansas Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, and provide information for inspection of code violations.

Download the Renters Guide

City of Hays

Call Public Works (628-7310) for:
Building Permits/Demolition Permits
Code Enforcement
Rental/Property Maintenance Questions

Call City Clerk (628-7300) for:
Water/Sewer/Trash Service
Pet Licensing

Call the Zoning Office (628-7310) for:
Occupancy (per Dwelling Unit) Issues, Parking and
Driveway Requirements, Fence Requirements

Call the Ellis County Health Department
(628-9440) for:
Lead-Based Paint Information

Call Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc.
(785-234-0217) or www.hcci-ks.org for:
Landlord and Tenant Laws and Regulations
Kansas Tenants and Landlords Handbook