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What is the difference between Allocations and Appropriations funding? 

Allocations is available to approved student organizations. Its purpose is to provide funding for predetermined events and trips for organizations for the following fiscal year. If a organization does not receive allocations funding, they are eligible to apply for appropriations, with the exception of  an equipment request, where both are allowed to apply.

When are allocations funds dispersed for the fiscal year? 

Half of the allocations funds awarded are dispersed starting July 1st, and the second half is deposited  at the start of the second semester.

I have receipts for my appropriations/equipment request. Where do I take them? 

Take them to the Administration and Finance Office, Sheridan Hall 318.

My original allocations request has changed due to a conference being cancelled or my organization did not use all of the allocated funds towards a specific area.  Can I reallocate it towards another area?

Yes. If special circumstances arise where you can not use your SGA allocated funds or would like to use them in another area, consult with the SGA treasurer for pre-approval.